Bieber VS. The FAA

Ok – in all fairness, I warned you. And now here it is – a post about Bieber.

For those of you still reading; thank you.

I was forcibly exposed to Justin and his cuteness many years ago, as we all were. I wanted to just tussle his hair and carry him around in my pocket. Then, once he hit 18, we all found out he smoked a little here and there. That fact just made me want to tussle his hair, give him a blunt, and put him in my pocket. (Sidenote – if you never saw his Funny or Die bits, from many years ago when he was becoming big, I can see how you can’t bring yourself to relate)

But unfortunately, like many child stars before him, we see him more frequently then we care to now. I have zero concern for his behavior (except that stupid Sizzurp s**t – he needs to cut that crap out)! He lived his teenage years not learning what the rest of us do – actions have consequences. He has finally hit the point though that he will need to learn it the hard way soon or this is going to end very badly.

In case you missed it, Read all about Justin and his new problems on . Long story short, he boards plane, gets high, asked to stop, doesn’t, gets kicked off and questioned. He was later released. Bieber’s father, also on the plane, might be a good influence on the kid after all though….

Multiple sources said that authorities found no unsmoked marijuana on board after the jet landed but these same sources confirmed that the plane indeed  reeked of pot.

I can only imagine the fatherly advice sounding something like “Son, when you know your going to get searched, and have enough time, smoke the evidence.”

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